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Notes on Iowa started with a simple statistic: From the early-1800s to now 98% of Iowa's land-surface changed. No other place on Earth saw such drastic conversion of lands in modern history. In order to better understand the change, I set out to see for myself. Drawing inspiration from the far-famed 1st United States Dragoons expedition up the Des Moines River in 1835, I set out on foot in 2021 to see Iowa slowly. For 371 miles stretching from the Mississippi River at Montrose to Mini-Wakan State Park on Big Spirit Lake, I ascended the Des Moines River. Over the course of 21 days I compared my own observations to those of the Dragoons. As I crossed Iowa an new appreciation grew for the incredible environmental change which defines the past, present, and future of Iowa. Come explore the journey in video or photo-essay:

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