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Iowa History Daily: December 4 - Yeoman & Company Tools

Iowa History Daily: On December 4, 1941, Yeoman & Company (Yo-Ho) Tools announced an expansion and change in ownership. Known for quality products, the company itself stood the test of time while growing from a basement business to one of Iowa’s iconic brands.

William F. Yeoman of Monticello, Iowa, founded the company during the 1930s. Initially, Yeoman contracted local manufacturers to produce steel rake heads and shovel blades which he later assembled into finished products in his basement. However, the business, known as YO-HO Tools because of a partnership with two local brothers named L.E. and R.E. Hoag quickly grew. Expanding outside of the Yeoman home in 1935 and into a larger plant again in 1941, the popular tool brand emerged as a successful business.

World War II also offered the opportunity for Yeoman & Company to continue expansion. Designed and built to meet the needs of the agricultural and manufacturing industries of the upper Midwest, Yeoman & Company found designation as an essential industry. The Monticello company produced tools for agriculture, heavy industry, snow tools to clear the decks of US Navy aircraft carriers, and for everyday Americans to use in Victory Gardens.

For nearly 100 years, Yeoman & Company Yeoman & Company continues to grow. The largest family-owned manufacturer in the industry with a product line including more than 600 tools, Yeoman & Company stands as an iconic Iowa business. #IowaOTD #IowaHistoryDaily #IowaHistoryCalendar


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