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Iowa History Daily: December 5 - Shannon Kite Soars

Iowa History Daily: On December 5, 1988, Shannon Kite scored an eye-popping 107 pts. as the Elk Horn-Kimballton Lady Danes beat Shelby-Tennant by a final score of 133-52. Kite flew high at EH-K to help propel the team through a memorable season while averaging nearly 60 points per game.

Playing for legendary Iowa Girls Basketball coach Rod Hoegh at EH-K, Kite followed in the wake of 6-on-6 superstar Jan Jensen. Kite proved ready to leave her own legacy, and the 107 point performance against Sheldy-Tennant surpassed the previous record set by Jensen when she scored 105 against Villisca in 1987. Kite’s record-breaking night saw her shoot 51-65 from the field while chipping in 5-7 free throws.

Over the course of the season, Kite averaged 59.2 points per game for the Lady Danes. Kite’s success continued when she averaged 45 points per game in the 1989 state tournament, where the Lady Danes fell in the semifinals to eventual champions Ankeny. EH-K rallied back to best Ventura to finish third in the state for the year. 

Kite went on to find success as a sharp-shooter while playing for the Kansas Jayhawks. While transitioning to the 5-on-5 game led to a reduction in Kite’s overall production, she proved a valuable member of Kansas squads by often scoring in double-figures when shooting well from deep. #IowaOTD #IowaHistoryDaily


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