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Iowa History Daily: March 6 - Andrew Vogel Paints

Iowa History Daily: On March 6, 2000, Andrew Vogel, the founder of Diamond Vogel paint, passed away. A Dutch immigrant to Orange City, Vogel built an iconic Iowa company with a commitment to quality and innovation.

Born in Friesland, Holland, Vogel worked in his father’s shop painting homes and carriages for Dutch farmers. After immigrating to the United States during 1913, Vogel and his family settled in the northwestern Iowa Dutch enclave of Orange City. Frustrated by the quality of paints available in terms of appearance and performance, he started the Vogel Paint and Wax Company in 1926.

Using two small driving machines which could each make five gallons of paint, Vogel built a business focused on quality paints. Frank, John, Art, and Marv Vogel, the next generation of the family, radically expanded the company while maintaining strict quality standards. By the time the company purchased Diamond Products Manufacturing in 1967, the company stood as a leader in consumer paints, government coatings, architectural finishings, and ag equipment paints.

Still rooted deep in the northwestern Iowa soil of Orange City, Diamond Vogel continues the legacy established by Andrew Vogel during the early 20th century. Diamond Vogel continues to represent an innovative Iowa economic success story. #IowaOTD #IowaHistoryDaily #IowaHistoryCalendar


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