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Part 2: Prairie City to West Bend Grotto

A quick update on the plans for Part 2 of my 2021 walk across Iowa on the trail of the 1835 Iowa Dragoons Expedition. Originally, I planned to go from Prairie City to Dolliver Memorial State Park. However, after reflecting on Part 1 and getting into Part 2 planning I decided to extend a couple of days and push for the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend.

Additionally, a meet-up event will kick off Part 2 on Wednesday, June 2, at the site of Second Fort Des Moines (located just north of Principal Park in Downtown). Although an informal event, I (Kevin) will take questions and discuss the "Notes on Iowa" project. I will also be joined by artist of "The Birthplace of Des Moines" mural, Hilde DeBruyne. The mural, located at the site of Second Fort Des Moines, features a Dragoon soldier while also celebrating Iowa's Indigenous past. The event will be a great opportunity to talk about Iowa art and history! I hope you'll join if able!

On June 3, I will pick things up and begin walking south of Prairie City at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. The first day will take me to Yellow Banks Park near Des Moines. The next couple of days, I will continue to follow the river across Iowa's capitol city as I make my way to Ledges State Park. From the Boone area, I will head up to Dolliver Memorial State Park, Fort Dodge, and on to the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend. If you have suggestions of places I should be sure to see, or other advice (including on places to eat, etc.), I always appreciate the help!

Thanks for taking the time to check out the project. I hope I'll see you out there somewhere!


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