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Winnebago County Courthouse

Completed on January 6, 1897, and built for $20,496, the Winnebago County - Iowa Courthouse still stands tall over Forest City, Iowa almost 125 years later!

Designed by Minneapolis architect F.W. Kinney, Martin Bumgardner and F.A. Gross built the Richardson Romanesque structure with Pitnik pit bricks locally-sourced just south of Forest City.

The grounds feature a Sherman Tank originally dedicated in 1957 by “The Father of the Sherman Tank,” Winnebago County (Lake Mills) native General Joseph Colby. Colby oversaw the development of the Grant, Lee, and Sherman tanks during 1940-1941.

Additionally, the grounds feature a fountain celebrating the 151 United States soldiers buried in Winnebago County cemeteries who served in the American Civil War. Built in 1899 from zinc by J.L. Mott Iron Works of Trenton, New Jersey, for a cost of $155, the French Victorian fountain features a life-sized Union soldier and goat heads symbolizing strength and victory.

Next time you find yourself in North Iowa, make sure to make a stop to visit one of Iowa’s most beautiful courthouses!


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