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About: How 'Notes on Iowa' Works

"Notes on Iowa" hopes to provide an interactive platform for people to better understand Iowa's past. As I complete research, journey up the Des Moines River, and record my observations, I hope you will participate in the journey. Under 'Log' you can find more specific information about when and where I will walk, and if you would like to meet up along the way I am happy to consider the possibility if you reach out via the 'Contact' form on the home-page. You can also contribute through providing insights under 'Forum,' or commenting on any of the compiled resources under 'Archive.' Also feel encouraged to follow the journey via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook by utilizing the links in the header and footer or simply searching 'Notes on Iowa' on your preferred platform.

As the project unwinds I will be updating where and when I can, starting with a research series for the month leading up to Part I of the journey. In this series I will summarize archival materials related to the Des Moines River Valley each day, posting the summaries of articles and primary sources under 'Log: Archive' on the menu. While I am out on the road, I will not be updating the series of article and primary source summaries. However, I will also begin sharing short summaries of books related to Iowa's history each week beginning in early April and continuing throughout the summer. Hopefully these resources can spark conversations about Iowa history in the 'Forum' and on social media platforms that can help us collaborate to better explore our shared past.

Thank you for exploring Iowa's history with me!

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