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About: "Notes on Iowa"

Updated: Jan 3

Notes on Iowa started with a simple goal: explore Iowa history deeply and share discoveries with a community of other interested individuals. Run by Kevin Mason (learn more at: ), Notes on Iowa started with a 371-mile walk across Iowa during 2021. A living project broadly focused on Iowa history, Notes on Iowa continues to evolve in new and exciting ways to provide unique opportunities to learn about Iowa's past.

Currently, three projects make up Notes on Iowa:

The 2021 "Walk Across Iowa" represented a crazy idea acted upon. Seeking to better understand how 98% of Iowa's landscape transformed following the expedition of the 1st United States Dragoons in 1835, a 371-mile walk from Montrose to Spirit Lake ensued. Documented in short photo-essays and videos available on the website, the journey covered 21-days and uncovered all sorts of Iowa history. The culmination of the project will result in a book tentatively scheduled for completion in early 2024.

Notes on Iowa started providing short write-ups on Iowa history each day in March of 2022 to celebrate Iowa History Month. Containing words and pictures, the entries record events related to Iowa History on the specific calendar date for the year. Released each morning, the archive continues to build with new posts every day.

Starting in the Summer of 2022, Notes on Iowa began recording and releasing short (usually around 5 minute) videos detailing the history of individual parks, preserves, and other public lands in Iowa. Over 2022 and 2023, Notes on Iowa filmed at 115 locations state-wide. New videos debut each Sunday.

If you have specific inquiries or suggestions about Notes on Iowa, please fill out the contact form or email


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