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Iowa History Daily:

Iowa History Daily: On July 23, 1929, Ottumwa born Jacob Schick patented the first electric razor. The founder of an American iconic company, Schick also served a distinguished military career spanning the Spanish-American War and World War I.

Following his Ottumwa origins, Schick found himself overseeing a railroad line running from Los Corrillos, New Mexico to a coal mine owned by his father. Enlisting with the 14th Infantry Regiment during 1898 during the Spanish-American War, Schick shipped out to the Philippines with the 8th Army Corps. During his military career he rose to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

Sent back stateside due to dysentery, Schick allegedly came up with the idea for an electric razor during his illness. After a stint working to lay military telegraph lines in Alaska, Schick left the military in 1910 only to return to duty in 1916 due to the escalating conflict in Europe. Schick’s service led to a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel during the Great War.

After mustering out of the military, Schick started to get serious about razors. Inspired by the repeating rifle he designed an injection cartridge blade razor modeled on the weapons technology. Working to develop the electric razor during his time at the Magazine Repeating Razor Company, his work laid the groundwork for the invention of the electric razor.

A series of patents came together, including the one from this date in history, to ultimately culminate in the final patent for the invention in May of 1930. Schick also designed and patented a boat for use in shallow water (General Jacobs Boat) and an improved pencil sharpener. #IowaHistoryDaily #IowaHistoryCalendar #IowaOTD


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