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Iowa History Daily: February 11 - The Man Behind the ISU Seal

Iowa History Daily: On February 11, 1994, former Senior Graphic Designer and creator of Iowa State University’s Official Seal John C. Huseby died. An award-winning artist, even Iowans who don’t know the artist himself have undoubtedly taken a look at the work he created.

Born in Minneapolis and initially educated at Minneapolis Central High School, Huseby went on to study at Carnegie Mellon University. Working initially at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis during his early career, the young artist found himself serving with military intelligence in the European Theater of World War II. A 1944 recipient of the Legion of Merit, Huseby found himself working in Ames at Iowa State during the postwar era.

Working first as a staff artist before the university elevated him to publications manager in 1951 before ultimately giving him the title of Senior Graphic Designer later in his career. Huseby oversaw the creation of thousands of publications over his long career, but his creation of the Iowa State University Official Seal in 1959 endures as a notable work.

Aside from his professional contributions, Huseby also garnered many awards as an artist. A repeat winner of the Iowa State Fair’s watercolor category, his work often garnered awards in local contests. Also a notable art collector, over 500 prints owned by Huseby now reside in the collection of the Des Moines Art Center. #IowaOTD #IowaHistoryDaily #IowaHistoryCalendar


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