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Iowa History Daily: October 18 - First Game at Iowa Field

Iowa History Daily: On October 18, 1890, the first football game took place at Iowa Field in Iowa City. Located along the Iowa River, the stadium served as the Home of the Hawkeyes until the construction of Iowa Stadium (now Kinnick Stadium) completed in 1929.

The first home field for Hawkeye football stood on the Iowa River’s east bank. Known as Iowa Field, the complex hosted football and baseball in a unique riverside stadium. Adjacent to the Armory which housed indoor athletics, Iowa Field rested on a narrow strip of land which greatly limited any potential expansion and eventually necessitated a move across the river.

Spectators often climbed telephone poles to watch games or caught the interurban railroad line where conductors would slow down so riders could take in a few plays while passing by. The east stands hovered above the railroad track. The upper-portion of the west stands at the complex stuck out over the Iowa River. Annual flooding consistently challenged Iowa Field, eventually pairing with a growth in popularity of Hawkeye athletics to necessitate a new facility.

The final football game at Iowa Field took place on November 3, 1928, while work started on the west side of the river on the new Iowa Stadium. Over the following year the stadium quickly rose before officially opening in October of 1929. #IowaOTD #IowaHistoryDaily #IowaHistoryCalendar


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