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Iowa History Daily: February 12 - Abby Roe Sets Scoring Record

Iowa History Daily: On February 12, 1996, Van Buren’s Abby Row set the Iowa Girls 5-on-5 single game scoring record with 61 points. During her senior season Roe also set the single season scoring record by putting in 817.

Roe honed her skills in her family’s barn. In a newspaper story Roe described the floor of the rustic training space. “It’s dirt, hard dirt. It’s lumpy. My dad said if I can dribble here, I can dribble anywhere.” Although dribbling proved a strong-suit for the Van Buren star, scoring truly set her apart as her high school career unfolded. 

The 5’6” guard often let her defense spark offense. Steals led to easy baskets, and during Roe’s senior season she racked up high-scoring performances. In a 98-7 win over Fairfield Maharishi, Roe racked up an all-time state record single game total of 61. Later in the week she managed to set the single season scoring record.

During her senior season Roe captured first-team all-state honors by averaging 38.9 points. She finished her career ranked third on the all-time Iowa points 5-on-5 points list with a career total of 1,923. #IowaOTD #IowaHistoryDaily #IowaHistoryCalendar


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