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Iowa History Daily: January 23 - Bonnie & Clyde Rob Rembrandt

Iowa History Daily: On January 23, 1934, infamous American outlaws Bonnie and Clyde robbed the First State Bank of Rembrandt. After the significant shootout in Dexter during the previous year, the Rembrandt robbery represents the first in a final run by Bonnie and Clyde in Iowa.

After meeting in their native Texas during 1930, and according to accounts the couple quickly fell in love. However, Clyde’s career as a car thief interrupted the romance when he found himself convicted of auto theft and sent to the Eastham Prison Farm. The 21-year old inmate allegedly killed another inmate, but another prisoner already convicted to a life-sentence took the rap.

Off the prison farm in early 1932, the torrid love affair of the young couple started on a crime-spree unlike many in American history. Robbing a series of gas stations and other businesses ultimately landed Bonnie in jail for a few months leading into the summer of 1932. As the gang blazed a path from Texas to Minnesota they left murders, burglaries, and bank robberies in their wake.

A series of robberies in Iowa started in Stuart and ended with a large police shootout in Dexter during 1933. The following year, Bonnie and Clyde were back to knock over a few more banks, including the First State Bank of Rembrandt. Additional robberies in Knierim and Everly, the outlaws eventually ran into the law and died in a deadly shootout in May of 1934. #IowaOTD #IowaHistoryDaily #IowaHistoryCalendar


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