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The Plan - Part II - Neal Smith NWR to Dolliver Memorial SP

In Part II of the journey, scheduled for early June, I plan to pick up the trail at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge south of Prairie City, and continue up the River to Dolliver Memorial State Park near Fort Dodge. Along the way I will cross Iowa's largest metro area, Des Moines. Additionally, I will venture to the site of Second Fort Des Moines, visit the Saylorville Lake area, cross the Iowa famous High Trestle Trail Bridge, and spend time in Ledges State Park.

During this segment I will eventually technically depart from the March of the Iowa Dragoons: when I arrive at Boone, I will continue north up the river toward the forks where the Expedition head east-by-northeast toward Winona's village in modern-day Minnesota. The Expedition eventually covered the length of the Des Moines River in Iowa as they made their way south on the return journey. As my purpose remains to contrast the existing records from the historical past with my own observations of Iowa's environment, continuing to follow the river will serve the intended purpose. Additionally, I plan to take a few side trips throughout the summer in between the formal parts of my expedition to observe several of the other important sites throughout North Iowa and Northeastern Iowa encountered by the 1835 Expedition.

Stops on this journey include: Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, Yellow Banks State Park, Second Fort Des Moines, Saylorville Lake, Ledges State Park, Pilot Mound, and Dolliver Memorial State Park. A complete schedule will be posted following the successful completion of Part I.


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