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Iowa History Daily: May 29 - Iowa's Latest Blizzard

Iowa History Daily: On May 29, 1947, Iowa’s latest-season blizzard in recorded history wrapped up as a large storm dropped as many as ten inches of snow on locations across the state. The 10 inch snowfall total recorded at LeMars represented the largest Iowa may snow record for over fifty years.

An intense low-pressure system gathered moisture while moving northeast over Missouri, arriving in Iowa to meet an unseasonable cold front of high-pressure on May 27. Thermometers plummeted as Iowans noted record low temperatures throughout the state. Along the front a heavy snow storm started to track across the Great Plains and into Iowa.

While southern Iowa received massive thunderstorms, the northern two-thirds of the state saw snow starting on May 28th. From Council Bluffs to Dubuque and all parts north, Iowans weary of winter hesitantly dug their coats back out and rummaged for shovels. Aside from the record-setting snowfall of 10” at LeMars, Cherokee received 8”, and Wakon got 7.5”.

Still the latest dates at which Iowa has received snow, melting resulted when heavy rains followed in the following weeks. The opening salvo in very wet Iowa summer, the late snowmelt and consistent rains eventually led to extensive flooding throughout many parts of the state over the course of June 1947. #IowaHistoryDaily #IowaOTD #IowaHistoryCalendar


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